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Ratnaganga Agro is a name that is synonymous with honesty, diligence, and sheer professionalism. We are a noteworthy supplier of live chicken such as live kadaknath chicken, live desi chicken, etc., and chicken eggs such as desi chicken eggs and kadaknath chicken eggs. The aforementioned range of chicken eggs and live chickens are procured from different poultry that are reputed in the industry. We visit the poultry personally and then ensure that each chicken is well-bred and the eggs are kept in a suitable condition before procuring them for further supply. We make sure that the transportation of the live chickens and chicken eggs is done under the supervision of a meticulous logistics personnel. Customers can purchase the chicken eggs and live chickens from us at the most reasonable Read more...

  • Live Chicken

  • Live Kadaknath Chicken

    Breed: Kadaknath

    Color: Black

    Protein: 25%

    Age for First Egg Laying: 23-24 Weeks

    Gender: Male

  • Live Desi Chicken

    Breed: Gavran

    Age: 90-120 days

    Weight: 1kg Female and 1.4 kg Male

    Fat: 12.56 gm

    Gender: Both

  • Chicken Eggs

  • Desi Chicken Eggs

    Type: Gavran Eggs

    Color: Brown

    Fat: 4-8gm

    Cholesterol: 100-200gm

    Potassium: 100-200mg

  • Kadaknath Chicken Eggs

    Type: Kadaknath Eggs

    Color: Black

    Features: Good For Health, High In Protein

    Weight: 20-30gm

    Shelf Life:: 10-20 Days


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